Outpatient Services

I provide individual, couples and family therapy on an outpatient basis to men and women of all ages in southern Ontario (Guelph, Toronto, and the surrounding areas) who either have an eating disorder or fear they are on their way to developing one. I also counsel family members and friends throughout the illness and recovery process. In addition, I do sessions by Skype for those who don’t live close enough to have regular sessions in the office. If you would like to arrange an appointment, click here.

Presentations & Speaking Engagements

I am available as a speaker to groups of any size regarding the prevention and treatment of eating disorders; body image; self-esteem; reducing the stigma and stereotypes surrounding mental illnesses of all types; and related topics. I frequently speak to students, parents, teachers and administrators; employers; and women’s groups among others. I have also provided training at conferences and seminars. To arrange a presentation or training for your group, click here.