Open Minds – Show #002

This week I interviewed fellow psychotherapist Karen McGratten. Not only is she dedicating her professional life to helping those who experience mental illness, she’s gone a step further and shared some of her own struggles in a graphic novel she’s written, called wiTHIN. In it she tells her own story of life with obsessive compulsive disorder and an eating disorder.

She and illustrator, Emily McGratten, (who also happens to be her sister-in-law!) started a Kickstarter fundraiser and have successfully met their first goal! Congratulations to them both, and a big thumbs up to all who supported them! (And for those of you who haven’t, it’s not too late! They have raised enough for part one of the book, but will need more funds for parts two and three, so check out her Kickstarter page  to donate to this very worthwhile cause!)

With this book and the interview (along with others they’ve given) Karen and Emily are doing their part to break down the negative stigma that surrounds mental illness and keeps people feeling ashamed and isolated. I can’t even tell you how much I admire that!

Listen now: