Open Minds – Show #006

Many people think they know lots about addicts and think of them in derogatory, demeaning ways. But listening to Stephen, a University of Guelph student, and Sonia Waters, an addictions counselor with Homewood in Guelph, who are my guests on the show this week, may open your mind and challenge some of what you think you know.

Stephen talks with tremendous honesty and clarity about his “symptoms” of using drugs and alcohol to cope with what he calls a “life long problem with living.” He cuts to the heart of the illness, and together he and Sonia talk about the ways in which someone struggling can still go on to lead successful, productive lives. They make the distinction between getting rid of the symptoms vs. treating the core of the disease and they offer hope for those who are in the grips of addiction and for those who are doing their best to live a life in recovery.

Listen now: