Open Minds – Show #008

In my interview this week with Marie, you get to hear from someone who has experienced mental health issues since childhood, and who has used those experiences to become more – not less! – hopeful and powerful in and about her own life. She talks about negative judgments and experiences that could have very understandably held her back and held her down, but shares how instead they eventually inspired her to help herself and others.

After two years of stability and mental wellness, Marie can see how these experiences contributed to greater self-acceptance (though, as she’s the first to admit, it’s not perfect acceptance!) and compassion for others. Her struggles have influenced her education and career choices and have gotten her in touch with a passion to support others who are still caught in the pain of mental illness. With honesty and a sense of humor, she bravely challenges the stigmas that still exist around mental health issues, and listening to her may help you do the same!

Listen now: