Open Minds – Show #010

Here in Guelph we are fortunate to have an extremely active community dedicated to supporting those who struggle with eating disorders and body image dissatisfaction.

Last week, several members of that community came together in a unique event called the Body Image and Eating Disorder Expose at the University of Guelph. Sponsored by the Wellness Centre on campus, and specifically, their Acceptance Without Limits (AWL) and their Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) groups, this completely free event had tables set up in the middle of the university centre where anyone who passed by would have gotten great information about treatment for eating disorders; ideas about how to combat body image distortion; and fun, inspirational activities that offered them the opportunity to challenge the myths and stigmas that surround eating disorders.

I was pleased to be able to interview many of those who participated in this enlightening event. In today’s show you’ll hear from April Gates, program coordinator at the Homewood’s eating disorder program; Liz Martin from OUTline; Emma and Shawna who are both placement students with Women In Crisis; and Emilie and Erica who are students at UOG who volunteered their time. They speak about the stigmas and myths that keep people from getting the treatment they need, and about the misconceptions that may keep those who haven’t had eating disorders from understanding those who do. They also cover topics like how eating disorders manifest in the LGBT community, and about the overlap that can occur between abuse and eating disorders.

Whether you have struggled personally, you know someone who does, or you acknowledge that all you know about eating disorders is the bits you’ve heard in the media, tune it today to get the facts. I hope listening to these passionate women who generously contribute their time, will open your mind about eating disorders and give you ideas about what you can do to help! And if you struggle, I hope their compassionate words will help you find the courage to seek the treatment you need and deserve!

Listen now: