Open Minds – Show #011

When I moved to Canada in 1999, my very first job was running a support group at the amazing Sheena’s Place in Toronto. Fifteen years later, I was lucky enough to be invited back to speak during Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and the building and the people are just as wonderful as I’d remembered!

In today’s interview, program manager Ali Henderson, talks about the myths and misinformation that surround this very serious illness and the shame felt not only by the person with the eating disorder, but also by parents or partners who may wonder: Did I cause this? Did I do something wrong? And, how can I help? We discuss some practical ways to create encouraging, healing environments, and Ali also shares how easy it is for anyone in the Toronto area to access the amazing groups they have focusing on education, body image and family support.

If you or someone you love has an eating disorder, you do not have to suffer alone. Just like we encourage those with cancer and their loved ones to attend support groups, so too, do the folks at Sheena’s Place want to encourage you to seek support for this disease. Hearing the stories, seeing the artwork, meeting the staff – all of these might just open your mind about eating disorders, and bring you some comfort and relief!

Listen now: