Open Minds – Show #012

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Alina Kislenko, who is not only a therapist and coach here in Guelph, but also a bit of a mentor to me in the world of radio! Long before I began Open Minds, I listened to her amazing show, Strange Brains which is a fabulous resource for those who want to understand more about ADHD and Asperger’s. That may be part of how I got the idea to do my show, actually, because I love how she normalized and offered accurate information about these conditions.

In today’s interview, she talks about her own experiences: how she got diagnosed, what benefits there have been for her, and how she has used accommodations to help her achieve all that she’s capable of!

If you can relate or want more info be sure to check out her website at ADHD Interrupted!

Listen now: