Open Minds – Show #017

With the story of Ray Rice and his act of domestic violence caught on camera, this is a great time to hear from my colleague, Kathryn Wagner, who has worked with victims of domestic violence for years. Sometimes it’s hard to say which group in our society is most stigmatized, as sadly, many vie for that title, but certainly “women who don’t leave” are a very misunderstood and poorly served group. And sometimes our ideas of how to help do much more harm than good. Victims of sexual violence – male, female, transgendered, young, old, etc. – are another group that are frequently blamed more often than they’re supported. In this interview, Kathryn shares her insights about how survivors and their friends and family can promote healing instead of re-traumatization, and speaks candidly about some of the reasons someone might choose not to come forward after such a painful experience. As with other mental health issues, many of us think we understand or know more than we actually do. Give this show a listen and see if it doesn’t open your mind when it comes to myths and stigmas around domestic and sexual violence!